Be Responsible

Provide festive and delicious non-alcoholic drinks for teetotalers. Depending on the circumstances, it's possible that you might find yourself liable if a guest causes an accident while driving home intoxicated from your party. Either limit alcohol consumption, provide party-goers with a ride home, or set up a designated driver car pool.

It is Better to Give – Real Gifts

When selecting a guest gift or take-home favor, avoid items that are inexpensive –or give always – and look it. A favor emblazoned with a company logo, no matter how attractive or useful, still serves as an advertising specialty rather than a Be Responsible true gift. A perfect present is one personalized with the name of the guest or at least one that has been specially selected for that individual.

This time of year affords you the ideal opportunity toreward people who have added joy, or at least an occasional smile, to your life with a festive break from their daily pursuits. Your warm, friendly and fun gathering will be remembered and appreciated by your guests... until the next holiday.


Word List:

Host – [həust] – принимающая сторона, хозяин;

Нosting – главенство, выполнение роли ведущего Be Responsible;

Bash – [bæʃ] – сильный удар; амер. разг. гулянка;

Blah – [blɑː] – разг. абсурд, вздор, чепуха;

Blowout – ['bləu'aut] – амер. разг. лёгкая победа, ошеломляющий успех;

Grumbling – ['grʌmblɪŋ] – ворчание, ропот;

Solicit – [sə'lɪsɪt] – просить, спрашивать, ходатайствовать;

Pile – [paɪl] – складывать, сваливать в кучу; собирать;

Gang – [gæŋ] – разг. компания;

Mingle – ['mɪŋgl] – смешиваться, общаться, собираться;

Donate –[dəu'neɪt] – дарить, жаловать, жертвовать;

Non–perishable – [nɔn'perɪʃəbl] – непортящийся;

Afford – [ə'fɔːd] – быть в состоянии (сделать что–л.), позволить себе (что–л.);

Dwell – [dwel] – подробно останавливаться, задерживаться (на чём–л.);

Affair – [ə'fɛə] – дело, событие, мероприятие;

Teetotaler – [,ti:'t Be Responsibleəut(ə)lə] – трезвенник;

Liable – ['laɪəbl] – обязанный, ответственный;

Consumption – [kən'sʌm(p)ʃ(ə)n] – потребление, затрата;

Emblazoned – [ɪm'bleɪz(ə)nd], [em–] – богато, великолепно украшенный;

Pursuit – [pə'sju:t] – преследование, стремление, поиски;

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